Social determinants of health

September/October 2019 Issue
The Feasibility of Screening for Social Determinants of Health: Seven Lessons Learned [Feature]

If addressing patients’ social needs sounds overwhelming, the results of this pilot project might surprise you.

March/April 2019 Issue
Unlocking Clues to Current Health in Past History: Childhood Trauma and Healing [Feature]

Adverse childhood events can have enduring effects on patients’ health, but these four steps can help promote healing.

May/June 2018 Issue
Screening for Social Determinants of Health: An Opportunity or Unreasonable Burden? [From the Editor]

Socioeconomic and environmental factors are the largest contributors to patient health, so is it our duty to address them?

May/June 2018 Issue
A Practical Approach to Screening for Social Determinants of Health [Feature]

Screening patients to understand their social context is the gateway to addressing barriers and improving health.

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