Difficult patient interactions

November/December 2021 Issue
How to Respond to Unreasonable Patient Expectations [The Last Word]

Sometimes, what the patient wants isn’t what the patient needs.

September/October 2021 Issue
How to Spot and Tactfully Handle Discrimination in the Health Care Setting [Feature]

In the moment, it can be difficult to respond effectively, but practicing these four skills and tactics can help.

January/February 2021 Issue
Building Community Well-being Through Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Reframing [Feature]

With communities facing so much unrest, here are two skills you can apply to help promote healing.

January/February 2019 Issue
High-Maintenance Patients [The Last Word]

Don't let their bad behavior make you a bad doctor.

January/February 2018 Issue
Getting to No: How to Respond to Inappropriate Patient Requests [Feature]

The five-step “FAVER” approach can help you say no to uncomfortable requests while preserving the patient relationship.

July/August 2012 Issue
Rethinking the Difficult Patient Encounter [Feature]

Before you can help a "difficult" patient, you may need to change how you view that person.

Jun 2007 Issue
How to Manage Difficult Patient Encounters [Feature]

These strategies will help you turn problematic encounters into productive ones.

Jan 2006 Issue
The Firing Squad [The Last Word]

Breaking up is hard to do, even with difficult patients.

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