Open access scheduling

May 2004 Issue
Open Access: Whatever You May Think, It Works [Editor's Page]

Introduces Pierdon open access and highlights the number of open-access success stories we've published in the last couple of years.

Feb 2004 Issue
The Outcomes of Open-Access Scheduling [Feature]

Good things happen when patients are seen "today" by their own physicians.

Jan 2003 Issue
Open Access as an Alternative to Patient Combat [Improving Patient Care]

The author explains how he made himself more available to patients (by handing our his home phone number, taking his own call and implementing "open access" scheduling) and shares the positive results he has seen (improved patient satisfaction, improved financial performance and a shorter physician work week).

Sep 2000 Issue
Same-Day Appointments: Exploding the Access Paradigm [Feature]

To gain control over your schedule, you must do the unthinkable: Offer every patient an appointment for today.

Apr 1999 Issue
Reducing Delays and Waiting Times With Open-Office Scheduling [Feature]

Setting aside slots for same-day and follow-up appointments builds patients' trust — and boosts productivity. Here's how to do it.

Nov-Dec 1998 Issue
Take-Home Messages From the Academy's Managed Care Forum [Feature]

From time management to alternative medicine to accounting, the Managed Care Forum of the 1998 AAFP Scientific Assembly offered pearls for family physicians.

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