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November/December 2021 Issue
How to Correctly Capture Patient Risk for Value-Based Care Programs [Feature]

Hierarchical condition categories are key for improving health outcomes and getting accurate reimbursements.

May/June 2021 Issue
Demystifying Documentation and Billing for Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment [Feature]

Osteopathic manipulative treatment is indicated for several common ailments, but documenting and coding it can be daunting for beginners. Here’s how it’s done.

January/February 2021 Issue
The 2021 Medicare Payment and CPT Coding Update [Feature]

This year’s changes bode well for family physicians, with an expected increase in Medicare allowed charges.

January/February 2021 Issue
E/M Changes for 2021: The Beginning, Not the End [Opinion]

The E/M coding revisions aren’t perfect, but they represent a huge step forward in reducing physicians’ documentation burden, audit risk, and complexity of code selection.

January/February 2021 Issue
Coding Level 4 Office Visits Using the New E/M Guidelines [Feature]

Determining whether the visit you’ve just finished should be coded as a level 4 could be as simple as asking yourself three questions.

November/December 2020 Issue
The 2021 Office Visit Coding Changes: Putting the Pieces Together [Feature]

Simplified guidelines for coding and documenting evaluation and management office visits are coming next year. Learn how to apply the guidelines to some common visit types.

September/October 2020 Issue
Countdown to the E/M Coding Changes [Feature]

The biggest changes in coding since 1997 will take effect Jan. 1, 2021. It is time to prepare for them now.

July/August 2020 Issue
Ten EHR Strategies for Efficient Documentation [Feature]

Applying even one of these 10 strategies can help you reduce frustration, improve productivity, and get home earlier.

March/April 2020 Issue
Coding for Hypertension: Painting a Picture of the Severity of Illness [Feature]

As risk-adjustment scoring increases, the pressure is on to code hypertension correctly. Here’s an overview using common patient scenarios.

January/February 2020 Issue
The 2020 Medicare Documentation, Coding, and Payment Update [Feature]

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is trying to make Medicare documentation less burdensome and planning more changes that should result in a pay raise for family physicians in the future.

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