July/August 2013 Issue
Do You Know What Is (or Isn't) in Your Documentation? [Feature]

Leaving out key information in patient documentation can compromise quality and cost you money.

July/August 2012 Issue
Documenting and Coding Preventive Visits: A Physician's Perspective [Feature]

It’s not hard, once you get the hang of it, but the differences from E/M coding can be confusing.

September/October 2011 Issue
One Last Annual ICD-9 Update [Feature]

The ICD-9 codes that take effect Oct. 1 will be the last. ICD-10 will be implemented in 2013.

March/April 2011 Issue
Answers to Your Questions About Medicare Annual Wellness Visits [Feature]

Our previous issue described the requirements and introduced an encounter form for documenting these visits. Now we answer your questions about this newest Medicare benefit.

September/October 2010 Issue
ICD-9 Update 2011: Approaching the Change to ICD-10 [Feature]

It's that time again, but this ICD-9 update is almost the last.

Sep-Oct 2009 Issue
ICD-9 Updates 2010: New and Noteworthy Codes [Feature]

The changes take effect October 1.

Sep-Oct 2008 Issue
ICD-9 Codes: Time for the Annual Update [Feature]

Put the new and revised codes to use in your practice on Oct. I.

Sep 2007 Issue
ICD-9 Changes: New Codes of Note [Feature]

On Oct. 1, 142 new codes take effect, many of them five-digit codes that allow for more specific reporting.

Sep 2006 Issue
ICD-9 Changes: The New Codes Are Here [Feature]

You should start using the updated diagnosis codes Oct. 1.

Sep 2005 Issue
ICD-9 Changes: It's Time to Tend to Your Superbill [Feature]

You’ve got until Oct. 1 to weed out incorrect codes.

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