Future of Family Medicine Project

Nov-Dec 2003 Issue
Family Medicine Takes Center Stage [Feature]

As part of the Future of Family Medicine project, the specialty put itself under a glaring spotlight to see where it currently stands.

Nov-Dec 2003 Issue
The First Step Toward the Future of Family Medicine [Editor's Page]

Introduces Jennifer's article on the FFM research data

Sep 2002 Issue
Recreating Family Practice [Editor's Page]

Do you find your scope of practice yielding to outside pressure? Such pressures can squeeze out deliveries, inpatient care, surgical assisting, nursing home care, house calls – anything that increases your liability exposure or interrupts the rapid flow of patients from waiting room to exam room to check-out desk.

Sep 2001 Issue
Family Practice Between the Waves [Editor's Page]

Argues that managed care and integration hit family practice like a huge wave, leaving the specialty wallowing and damaged in a trough between waves and that the circumstance is promoting lots of experimentation.

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