Financial management, general

Feb 2006 Issue
A New Future With an Old Business Model [Feature]

Turning away third-party payers and requiring payment at the time of service restored this family physician's practice.

Feb 2006 Issue
Cashing in on House Calls [Feature]

A cash-only, house call practice enabled this physician to earn more while spending less.

Feb 2006 Issue
2,500 Cash-Paying Patients and Growing [Feature]

This physician is expanding his cash-only practice to keep up with demand.

Feb 2006 Issue
Cash-Only Practice: Could It Work for You? [Feature]

The cash-only model involves some risk, but it can also bring many rewards.

Feb 2006 Issue
Minimizing the Risk of Financial Fraud [Feature]

Implementing internal controls in your practice will help you stop embezzlement and keep what you earn.

Feb 2006 Issue
First-Party Payers: Should You Cut Out the Middle Plan? [From the Editor]

How much of the world can you set right simply by asking your patients to pay for their care?

Nov-Dec 2005 Issue
Look Beyond Your Practice's Bottom Line [Feature]

Two tools – gap analysis and root cause analysis – can work together to tell you where and why you might be lagging financially.

Jul-Aug 2005 Issue
What Makes a High-Earning Family Physician? [Getting Paid]

The author reports the results of an AAFP survey of 730 members conducted to see what factors separated the high earners ($160,000 or more) from the low earners ($100,000 or less). The strongest influence was number of patient visits.

May 2005 Issue
Is the New Model of Family Medicine Financially Viable? [Feature]

Findings from the Future of Family Medicine project suggest the New Model could boost your income or enable you to work fewer hours.

Sep 2004 Issue
Big Ideas to Help Your Practice Thrive [Feature]

Your family physician colleagues share their best ideas for energizing and strengthening the practice of medicine.

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