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Jul-Aug 2004 Issue
Exploring the Limits of an Insane System [Editor's Page]

Argues that physicians profiled in cover story about charging patients for "free" services are inadvertently conducting experiments in the future of the health care system.

Apr 2004 Issue
Calculating Your Costs per Visit [Feature]

Do you know what it costs your practice to provide an adult physical, a well-child exam or an office procedure? A “unit cost analysis” will tell you that and more.

Apr 2004 Issue
Why Every Practice Needs a Payment Policy [Getting Paid]

The author, a practice administrator, identifies reasons practices find it difficult to ask patients to pay at the time services are rendered and provides detailed instructions for improving collection rates.

Jan 2004 Issue
Three Steps to an Effective Practice Budget [Feature]

By tracking your expenses and comparing them to benchmarks, you can create a practice budget that's useful and easy to maintain.

Jan 2004 Issue
Two Ways of Looking at a Healthy Practice [Editor's Page]

Points out that the Nicoletti and Borglum articles in this issue are connected in that they both come from practice consultants who have formed apparently similar views of what constitutes a good practice.

Jun 2003 Issue
10 Ways Family Practices Lose Money [Feature]

Learn how to plug the leaks that deplete your practice’s income.

Apr 2003 Issue
Evaluating Health Plans: Finding the Keepers [Feature]

Dropping certain health plan contracts can boost your bottom line and reduce hassles. The author’s spreadsheet will enable you to choose carefully.

Apr 2002 Issue
How Much Will That EMR System Really Cost? [Computers]

Installing an EMR system in a practice not only includes the initial purchase price, but ongoing costs as well. The author identifies what the continuing costs of an EMR are and provides a tool practices can use to calculate their own costs.

Jun 2001 Issue
Making Your Balance Sheet Work For You [Feature]

Once you know how to read it, your balance sheet will tell you volumes about the financial health of your practice.

May 2001 Issue
'Work Smarter, Not Harder' to Save Your Practice Money [Feature]

When this family practice learned how to delegate, make wise use of technology and trim its staff, it gained $200,000 per year.

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