March/April 2016 Issue
Lower Your Overhead With a Patient Portal [Feature]

Patients connecting with your practice through the Internet require fewer staff and generate lower costs.

March/April 2015 Issue
Immunizations: How to Protect Patients and the Bottom Line [Feature]

Minimizing costs and maximizing reimbursement can make immunizations profitable.

May/June 2010 Issue
The 12-Step Way to Reduce Practice Expenses: Part 2, Operational Efficiencies [Feature]

Even small cuts in your operational expenses can add up to big savings for your practice.

May/June 2010 Issue
How to Clean Up in Family Medicine [The Last Word]

As costs increase, medical practices need to get creative.

March/April 2010 Issue
The 12-Step Way to Reduce Practice Expenses: Part 1, Staffing Efficiencies [Feature]

Staff-related expenses consume the largest portion of your overhead, so that's where this 12-month plan begins.

Nov-Dec 2009 Issue
"Vital Signs" for Assessing Your Practice's Financial Health [Feature]

Paying attention to key metrics can help keep your practice operationally and financially healthy.

May 2008 Issue
Is Your Practice Merger Doomed to Fail? [Feature]

Before you partner with another practice, make sure you've addressed these four questions.

Feb 2008 Issue
User Satisfaction With EHRs: Report of a Survey of 422 Family Physicians [Feature]

If you're thinking of moving to electronic records, the results of this survey may help.

Sep 2007 Issue
Seven Strategies for Creating a More Efficient Practice [Feature]

Simple, low-cost technologies and strategic outsourcing have helped this solo physician practice efficiently, even without any staff.

Jun 2007 Issue
Breaking Even on Four Visits Per Day [Feature]

Spurning health plan contracts enabled this practice to dramatically reduce overhead and fees while improving access for the uninsured.

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