Pay for performance

July/August 2021 Issue
Prioritizing Primary Care Can Save the U.S. Health Care System [Opinion]

Payers are being asked to commit to a change in primary care financing in the next two years.

May/June 2018 Issue
Making Sense of MACRA: Questions to Ask Your Employer [Supplement]

This supplement guides employed physicians to learn more about their practice’s Quality Payment Program strategy.

September/October 2017 Issue
Making Sense of MACRA: A Guide for the Employed Physician [Supplement]

Use this checklist to ensure your administrator is capturing your data properly, which will help optimize revenue for you and your practice.

July/August 2017 Issue
Making Sense of MACRA: Simplifying Chronic Care Management [Supplement]

Learn how to optimize revenue today by using this step-by-step approach to add chronic care management to your practice.

May/June 2017 Issue
Preparing for Value-Based Payment: Five Essential Skills for Success [Feature]

As physician payment increasingly becomes tied to value, these five habits can help you succeed.

Jun 2007 Issue
Measuring for Medicare: The Physician Quality Reporting Initiative [Feature]

The new initiative from CMS can add a little to your bottom line and prepare your office for future reporting programs.

Jul-Aug 2006 Issue
What Family Physicians Need to Know About Pay for Performance [Feature]

Yes, the concept has flaws, but it may also have promise. Regardless, it’s headed your way.

Jul-Aug 2006 Issue
How Does Your Practice Measure Up? [Feature]

The ability to collect and use data to improve performance is becoming an essential practice management skill.

Mar 2004 Issue
Getting Rewards for Your Results: Pay-for-Performance Programs [Feature]

More and more health plans are paying physicians for quality. Here’s what you need to know about these programs, and how to get involved.

Nov-Dec 2000 Issue
Making Quality and Service Pay: Part 2, The External Environment [Feature]

Across the country, insurers are beginning to pay physicians for improved quality and service. They'll get there faster with your help.

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