Family Practice Management (journal)

November/December 2011 Issue
Plugging Practice Leaks [From the Editor]

Left unchecked, leaks can sap your practice of time, efficiency, goodwill and cash.

July/August 2011 Issue
The 2011 EHR User Satisfaction Survey: Responses From 2,719 Family Physicians [Feature]

If you're shopping for an EHR system, you might appreciate this advice from several hundred colleagues.

May/June 2011 Issue
Special Issue: Chronic Illness Care [From the Editor]

You need teamwork, data and a new approach to involving your patients.

November/December 2010 Issue
Escaping Inefficiency [From the Editor]

For the unwary, inefficiency can become a way of life.

September/October 2010 Issue
Translating Learning Into Practice [From the Editor]

With the “Translation to Practice” pilot, the extra-credit assignment comes to CME.

July/Aug 2010 Issue
EHR Satisfaction: User Characteristics Matter [Feature]

How satisfied you are with your EHR system depends on more than how well it is designed, implemented and supported by the vendor.

July/Aug 2010 Issue
Does Your Practice Deserve an Award? [From the Editor]

If you've recently made real improvements in how your practice works, you might just win one.

May/June 2010 Issue
Your Piece of the Deficit [From the Editor]

How does it feel to benefit from federal red ink?

March/April 2010 Issue
FPM: Read It As You Like It [From the Editor]

With four versions, there's at least one FPM for you.

January/February 2010 Issue
Climbing One Step at a Time [From the Editor]

Start training by rebuilding a piece of your practice; eventually you'll be able to rebuild the whole.

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