Family Practice Management (journal)

Jan 2007 Issue
Where We're Coming From [From the Editor]

FPM's aim is to help you succeed now and in the long term.

Nov-Dec 2006 Issue
FPM Is Expanding Its Panel of Reviewers [From the Editor]

We need your help to keep FPM practical, authoritative, readable and, above all, useful.

Oct 2006 Issue
Grade Your Payers: The AAFP/FPM Survey of Physicians' Experiences With Third-Party Payers [Feature]

More and more health plans are grading physicians on their performance. Now, it’s time for physicians to grade their health plans.

Oct 2006 Issue
Hand Your Health Plans a Report Card [From the Editor]

Here’s your chance to say what you think about your payers – and make your words count.

Sep 2006 Issue
The FPM Encounter Forms Collection: 'Paper Automation' of Your Progress Notes [Feature]

Our forms can make documentation faster, easier and more accurate while providing decision support and coding help. What more do you want for nothing?

Sep 2006 Issue
A Toolbox of Resources to Simplify Your Practice [Feature]

FPM’s online toolbox equips you with more than 150 practice management tools.

Sep 2006 Issue
A Whole Issue of Doctor Tools [From the Editor]

Your practice toolkit isn’t complete without these.

Jun 2006 Issue
34 Pieces of Advice Worth Repeating [From the Editor]

You know it's really good advice if you want to hear it again.

Mar 2006 Issue
Fishing for 'Pearls' [From the Editor]

You can turn practice tips into money and fame (well, a little of each, anyway).

Oct 2005 Issue
Get the Most Out of FPM by Putting Our Tools to Work [From the Editor]

Teach a man to fish, and he’ll starve … until he can get his hands on a fish hook and line.

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