Family Practice Management (journal)

Sep 2005 Issue
New and Improved for You [From the Editor]

FPM staff recently embarked on a re-visioning –- a comprehensive analysis of the journal designed to produce changes that keep the content and design fresh and relevant. This issue is the culmination of that effort.

Jul-Aug 2005 Issue
Coming Soon: A New FPM [Editor's Page]

Jun 2005 Issue
Electronic Records: Helping Other FPs Learn From Your Experience [Editor's Page]

A plea for responses to the online user satisfaction survey launched with the Feb issue.

Nov-Dec 2004 Issue
A Gift for Our Peer Reviewers: CME Credit [Editor's Page]

A special thank-you to FPM's peer review team and announcement of CME prescribe credit for reviewing manuscripts beginning Jan. 2005.

May 2004 Issue
What Do You Need to Know About Information Technology? [Computers]

This is an FPM survey intended to assess readers' level of computer knowledge, experience and interest in learning more about specific computerization topics.

Oct 2003 Issue
Looking Over Our Shoulder [Editor's Page]

Looks back over 10 years of FPM and suggests that our current, chaotic situation may give rise to new possibiliies, which may be born of imaginative efforts of family physicians to develop new practice models.

Sep 2003 Issue
A Challenge for You [Editor's Page]

Introducing the FPM Reader Challenge, the author solicits "big ideas that have made a difference in FP’s practices" as entries into an article competition.

Apr 2003 Issue
A Request for Further Guidance [Editor's Page]

Follows up on "A Piece of Your Mind" (Nov/Dec 2002) by asking for more specific guidance on two topics FPM might cover.

Jan 2003 Issue
Small Change: Nickel and Dime Stuff Can Make a Difference [Editor's Page]

Jack Silversin and Mary Jane Kornacki’s article in this issue gives excellent advice on how to bring about change. But it also is a demonstration of how hard it is to bring about change.

Jan 2003 Issue
FPM and the Family Physician's Journey to Medical Excellence [Editorial]

Medical editor Marc Rivo reflects on his years with the journal and encourages family physicians on their journey toward medical excellence.

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