Family Practice Management (journal)

Feb 2001 Issue
A New Shipment of Tools [Editor's Page]

Introduces the expanded online toolbox, the self-test and Christy

Jan 2001 Issue
Electronic Medical Records: The FPM Vendor Survey [Feature]

The advent of Internet-based EMR systems gives you new options. Here we report on 23 conventional systems and five Internet-based ones.

Sep 2000 Issue
Doctor Tools [Editor's Page]

Introduces the new version of the ICD-9 coding card and lists tools published recently in FPM.

Sep 1999 Issue
The Draft Documentation Guidelines: Unloading the Last Straw [Editor's Page]

Introduces cover story on the "new framework" for the documentation guidelines

Jun 1999 Issue
The FPM Authors Guide [Feature]

We try to make writing for FPM as easy and as rewarding as possible.

Jun 1999 Issue
Do You Smell Smoke? [Editor's Page]

Introduces Pfifferling article on burnout and mentions Balancing Act

May 1999 Issue
Group Practice Magic [Editor's Page]

Argues that group practices are "magic" only if they involve the right people, with the right knowledge, attitudes and abilities, and that the same is true of other models. Introduces the cover section, sort of.

Apr 1999 Issue
When Practice Styles Clash [Editor's Page]

Introduces Gillette article in this issue; invites readers to respond.

Mar 1999 Issue
Rescuing Managed Care From the Wreckage of Managed Care [Editor's Page]

Aruges that the mud slung at the managed care industry recently has sullied the perfectly good, and necessary, term "managed care." Promises a number of articles on quality improvement and evidence-based medicine in FPM.

Feb 1999 Issue
Bringing You Knowledge in Small Bites [Editor's Page]

Highlights the number of small, easily digested bits of information in this issue.

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