Family Practice Management (journal)

Nov-Dec 2002 Issue
A Piece of Your Mind [Editor's Page]

Invites readers to describe the biggest problems they're facing and solutions they've discovered.

May 2002 Issue
Call for Peer Reviewers [Editor's Page]

A call for peer reviewers

Feb 2002 Issue
Results From the FPM Practice Self-Test [Improving Patient Care]

The article shares data from the Family Practice Management Practice Self-Test, in which roughly 1000 family physicians ranked the value of interventions such as e-mail communication and chronic disease registries in improving patient care and service.

Nov-Dec 2001 Issue
Doing the Right Things: Eliminating Errors from Practice [Editor's Page]

Call for tips and articles for 2002 special issue on error reduction.

Jun 2001 Issue
Toward a More Useful Journal [Editor's Page]

Asks for article topic suggestions and volunteers to join the "Panel of Reader Representatives"

Feb 2001 Issue
Improving Your Practice Through the FPM Practice Self-Test [Editorial]

FPM's medical editor writes about the value of self-assessment.

Feb 2001 Issue
The Family Practice Management Practice Self-Test [Feature]

Here’s an easy way to gauge how well your practice is doing in everything from quality of care to quality of claims.

Feb 2001 Issue
A New Shipment of Tools [Editor's Page]

Introduces the expanded online toolbox, the self-test and Christy

Jan 2001 Issue
Electronic Medical Records: The FPM Vendor Survey [Feature]

The advent of Internet-based EMR systems gives you new options. Here we report on 23 conventional systems and five Internet-based ones.

Sep 2000 Issue
Doctor Tools [Editor's Page]

Introduces the new version of the ICD-9 coding card and lists tools published recently in FPM.

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