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    If you would like to suggest an article topic or propose an article, contact Sumi M. Sexton, MD, Editor-in-Chief (email: afpjournal@aafp.org).

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    For general information about anything other than advertising, contact the AAFP Member Resource Center, call us at 800-274-2237 or 913-906-6000, or send a fax to 913-906-6086. Use the list below to find the name, extension and e-mail address of the person who can best help you:

    1. Reader feedback: If you would like to give us feedback about AFP's appearance or editorial content (articles, patient information handouts, other features), contact Matthew Neff, managing editor (e-mail: afpedit@aafp.org). If you would like to write a letter to the editor, follow the instructions in the Authors' Guide at "Letters to the Editor."
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    4. Permission to reprint or photocopy from AFP, bulk article reprints: If you plan on photocopying any material from AFP for nonprofit educational classroom use, send a detailed request to Republication Department, Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (fax: 978-646-8700). If you plan on reproducing or adapting any material from AFP for other purposes (apart from photocopying patient information handouts for nonprofit educational purposes), submit your request via e-mail to copyrights@aafp.org. If you would like to order reprints of articles in bulk quantity, see Bulk Reprints.

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    Contact John Molluso, director of advertising sales (jmolluso@aafp.org), or Mickey Cotter, national account manager (mcotter@aafp.org); telephone: 201-288-4440; fax: 201-288-4914.

    Classified information
    Contact YourMembership regarding AFP/FPM Journal Classifieds (telephone: 860-288-5434; email: aafp@yourmembership.com).

    Permission requests
    If you are interested in duplicating/photocopying/reprinting an article published in American Family Physician (AFP), contact the AAFP intellectual property coordinator (fax: 913-906-6068; email: copyrights@aafp.org). Requests are reviewed weekly. Please include the following in your request:

    • Title of article(s)
    • Issue(s) in which the article(s) appeared
    • Purpose of your request (to include details on your organization, what type of audience, how many participants)
    • Are you wanting to reprint a table, figure within an article, or the article in its entirety (please be specific with table and figure numbers)?