Online Advertising Policy, Principles and Acceptance

American Academy of Family Physicians accepts advertising on the American Family Physician (AFP) and Family Practice Management (FPM) web sites. The appearance of advertising on these web sites does not imply endorsement of the advertised company or product, nor is advertising allowed to affect editorial decisions or editorial content.

Advertising Acceptance

The AAFP has the right to refuse any advertisement that is inappropriate or incompatible with our mission and to stop accepting any advertisement previously accepted.

The following types of advertisements are prohibited on AFP and FPM Web sites:

  • Advertisements for alcohol and tobacco
  • Advertisements for weapons, firearms, ammunition and fireworks
  • Gambling and lottery advertisements
  • Advertisements for pornography and related materials and services
  • Political and religious advertisements
  • Advertisements that claim to offer a “miracle” cure or method
  • Advertisements that make unsubstantiated health claims for the products advertised
  • Advertisements directed at children

The following advertisement formats are prohibited:

  • Pop-ups and floating ads
  • Advertisements that are designed to collect personally identifiable information from visitors to the AFP or FPM Web site without their knowledge or permission
  • Ads that expand across or down the page without the visitor having clicked or rolled-over the ad
  • Ads that send visitors to another site without the visitor having clicked the ad

Advertising Policy

  1. Advertisements new to the AFP or FPM Web sites require AAFP approval before they can appear on the sites. Such review will extend to any landing page(s) the advertisement links to. The company sponsoring the Web site of any landing page must be clearly identified on that page.
  2. Advertisements, advertising icons and advertiser logos must be clearly distinguishable from editorial content. In addition, AFP and FPM Web pages are designed to label all advertisements with the word “advertisement.”
  3. Advertisers may be required to submit supporting documentation to substantiate claims.
  4. The AAFP does not allow targeted placement of advertising adjacent to editorial content of similar nature. Advertisements are placed at random and do not appear adjacent to relevant editorial except by chance.
  5. Advertisements may not imply endorsement by the AAFP or its journals.
  6. Neither advertisers nor their agents may collect any personal information from any user viewing the AFP or FPM Web site except with the user’s knowledge and permission and only after giving the user substantive information about the uses to which the information will be put. Similarly, cookies, applets and other such files are prohibited if those files transmit any personally identifiable information to the advertisers or agencies without the user’s knowledge and permission.
  7. The full rules for any market research or promotion associated with an advertisement must be displayed in the ad or available via a prominent link.

Advertising revenue is used to support the American Academy of Family Physicians.

The information on this page is also available in our online advertising rate card(8 page PDF).

For questions about online advertising on the AFP and FPM Web sites, contact our digital sales team at 201-288-4440 or

For information about advertising in the print journals, see our information for advertisers for AFP or FPM.

For general information about advertising with the AAFP, see our information for the AAFP's Advertising Policies and Principles.