Please review this checklist carefully before submitting your manuscript to ensure its completeness and conformity with AFP style.


  1. The Conflict of Interest Form(0 bytes) has been previously completed and signed by each author and sent in, or is scanned and uploaded in Editorial Manager( at the time of submission or faxed to 913-906-6086.
  2. The Author Statements Form(1 page PDF) is signed by each author and scanned and uploaded in Editorial Manager(  at the time of submission or faxed to 913-906-6086. This form covers the authorship statement, copyright transfer statement or statement of federal employment, and acknowledgment statement.
  3. The manuscript’s first and corresponding author is the person who initially was approved to write and submit the review article.
  4. There are no student authors on the manuscript.
  5. The literature search includes at least four sources of pre-appraised evidence from the list of recommended sources of evidence-based medicine (see Literature Search and Data Sources).
  6. The literature search includes the Evidence Summary sent by AFP’s medical editors, when applicable, as well as the guidance provided for the slant of the article.
  7. A Table of Key Clinical Recommendations is included, and the quality of evidence supporting key recommendations on diagnosis and treatment is rated using the SORT evidence rating system (see SORT table).  This table is not numbered, and is placed after the references and any other tables that may be included.
  8. The text word count is within the maximum specified in the solicit/proposal letter.
  9. For purposes of blinded peer review, identifying information is removed from the manuscript, such as not having authors’ names on the title page, and not putting an author’s name in the document’s file name.
  10. The entire manuscript has 1.5 inch margins, and is double-spaced throughout (including abstract, references, tables, and figure legends).
  11. The manuscript is arranged and numbered in the following sequence: title page, abstract, text, literature search/data sources, references, tables, and figure legends. Acknowledgments and biographic sketches(15 KB DOCX) for each author should be in a separate document.
  12. Title page has full title of the article, along with word counts for the entire article and the text alone (not including title, abstract, tables, references, and so forth).
  13. An abstract of 150-250 words is included in the manuscript file, after the title page.  It is fact-filled and specific (rather than general and nonspecific), and rather than saying what will be discussed, summarizes the key points of diagnosis and/or treatment.
  14. A Literature Search and Data Sources section is included, indicating the search strategy, the key words used, the key sources accessed (such as PubMed, Cochrane,, and the date(s) of the search.
  15. Reference citations are included within the text, along with a corresponding reference list, typed double-spaced, in numerical—not alphabetical—order. Recent references from systematic reviews, original research studies, and evidence-based guidelines preferred (from the past 10 years). Usual range, 20-30; maximum, 35.
  16. Citations do NOT use "Endnotes" or any other automated reference function.
  17. Each table is on a separate page, placed at the end of the text, after the references, and not within the text itself.  Tables are part of the manuscript file, and are not uploaded as separate files.  Tables are formatted in Word, and not Excel or as embedded images.  All tables and figures have titles, and all figures and other illustrations have descriptive legends. All tables, figures, and illustrations are cited at the appropriate places in the text.
  18. Each figure is submitted as a separate JPG, TIFF, or PowerPoint file. Photos and other illustrations meet the resolution and quality criteria specified in the Figures section of the Author's Guide.
  19. Figures are not downloaded from the Internet or photographed from other articles or textbooks.
  20. A signed Photo Release(1 page PDF) is submitted as a separate file for any photographs in which a person is identifiable.  Masking the eyes is not sufficient.  
  21. Complete citations and scanned photocopies of any tables or figures taken from other sources are included.  Do not attempt to obtain permission to reprint these; AFP editors will seek permission to reproduce copyrighted material.  (Note: original tables/figures are strongly preferred, because it has become increasingly difficult to obtain permission to reprint tables and figures from other source).
  22. Style guidelines have been reviewed (e.g., SI units included, right-hand margins unjustified, no bold or italic typeface used, no shading in tables).