Conflict of Interest Policy

The AAFP requires all authors to disclose any commercial association that might pose a conflict of interest in connection with the submitted manuscript. Each author must sign the Conflict of Interest Form(474 KB PDF), with any financial interest or arrangement disclosed in a separate attachment. To avoid bias or the perception of bias, AFP will not consider manuscripts sponsored directly or indirectly by a pharmaceutical company, medical education company, or other commercial entity, or those written by an author who has a financial relationship with or interest in any commercial entity that may have an interest in the subject matter of the article within the previous 36 months or in the foreseeable future. It also includes serving on a commercial speaker’s bureau or advisory board, or receiving commercial research support related to the subject matter of the article, as well as other relationships detailed on our conflict of interest form. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us first, so as to a avoid writing an article that we will not be able to consider. Manuscripts that are not accompanied by Conflict of Interest forms signed by all authors will not be considered for peer review.

All funding sources supporting a work should be acknowledged on the title page of the manuscript. The editorial staff may inquire further about financial disclosure after the manuscript is submitted. If the manuscript is accepted for publication, any non-disqualifying financial disclosure or potential conflict of interest will be acknowledged at the end of the manuscript text.