Evidence-Based CME

The AAFP Commission on Continuing Professional Development (COCPD) has developed new criteria for evidence-based clinical content. CME clinical content is evidence-based (EB CME) if it presents practice recommendations supported by evidence that has been systematically reviewed by an approved source.

Authors are strongly encouraged to write articles for AFP that qualify for EB CME by following the COCPD guidelines. You should mention your interest in preparing an article that meets these criteria when you submit the proposal for your manuscript.

Briefly, to qualify for EB CME the author must identify one to three (or more) key clinical recommendations drawn from the list of approved EBM sources in the Evidence Table. The author should indicate the EB CME recommendations in the table as shown below:



Key clinical recommendationStrength of recommendationReference(s)Comment and references (optional)
Key clinical recommendation: Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is recommended for patients with labile blood pressure and suspected white-coat hypertension.Strength of recommendation: B (EB-CME)Reference(s): 2Comment and references (optional): Recommendation from evidence-based guideline