Manuscript Processing and Review


Acknowledgment and Manuscript Number

When the manuscript is initially submitted, the corresponding author will receive an automatic e-mail from the Editorial Manager system with a notification that the manuscript has been received. After it has been processed by editorial staff, the corresponding author will receive an automatic e-mail from Editorial Manager that contains the manuscript number. Please refer to this number in any communication about the manuscript. Details about timelines of the various stages of review can be found within an updated report of AFP's acceptance rates.

Peer Review

Manuscripts are initially reviewed by the editors for suitability and adherence to the guidelines. Acceptable manuscripts are reviewed by at least one family physician and one expert in the subject discussed. The latter may be a family physician or a subspecialist in another discipline.

Editorial Decision

A decision about acceptance, revision, or rejection is sent to the corresponding author, generally within eight to 12 weeks of receipt of the manuscript. All acceptable manuscripts require some revision based on reviewers' comments and medical editor guidance. Instructions, showing how to handle each comment, and a sample response letter are provided in the Authors' Responses to Reviews(9 page PDF).

Return of Manuscripts and Illustrations

If submitted, hard copies of original artwork, photographs, slides, and other illustrations will automatically be returned if the manuscript is not accepted for publication. For manuscripts accepted for publication, any hard copies of illustrations submitted will be returned after the article is published.

Manuscript Editing

When a manuscript is accepted, it will be edited to conform to AFP’s style as well as to improve its educational value. An edited manuscript will be sent to the corresponding author for review before publication. Authors are responsible for all statements made in their work, including any changes made by the editors and authorized by the corresponding author.