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The main page of the AFP Photo Quiz app displays three categories: Favorites, Complete, and Quizzes. Selecting “Quizzes” displays the images for all AFP Photo Quizzes that have not been taken. Selecting an image will present the image(s) and a brief description or case scenario used to answer the clinical question. If you select the correct answer, you will be presented with further discussion of the answer and the differential diagnosis. If you select an incorrect answer, you will be given the option to choose a different answer or to see the correct answer and discussion. Within each quiz, tapping on the image(s) will enlarge it. Once a quiz has been completed, it is moved into the “Complete” folder. From the main page, users may also select the star at top of an image to designate that quiz as one of their favorites; these quizzes are then moved into the “Favorites” folder.  Quizzes can be reset using the “Reset Quizzes” button at the bottom of the main page.

Internet Connection

This app does not require an Internet connection.

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