AFP Podcast: Episode 105 - March 1, 2020

This episode includes discussions on point-of-care ultrasonography (1:40), vitamin and mineral supplementation for maintaining cognitive function (5:30), upper gastrointestinal bleeding (8:10), probiotics for antibiotic-associated diarrhea (13:40), emotional support animals (16:20), music therapy for depression (19:10), and tai chi for fibromyalgia (21:40).

March 1, 2020 issue of AFP

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Time Stamp
Topic: Point-of-care ultrasonographyTime Stamp: 1:40
Topic: Vitamin and mineral supplementation for maintaining cognitive functionTime Stamp: 5:30
Topic: Upper gastrointestinal bleedingTime Stamp: 8:10
Topic: Probiotics for antibiotic-associated diarrheaTime Stamp: 13:40
Topic: Emotional support animalsTime Stamp: 16:20
Topic: Music therapy for depressionTime Stamp: 19:10
Topic: Tai chi for fibromyalgiaTime Stamp: 21:40