AFP Podcast: Episode 108 - April 15, 2020

This episode includes discussions on outpatient burn care (5:40), pain relief after fractures (10:00), asymptomatic bacteriuria (12:00), chronic diarrhea (13:40), galcanezumab for migraine and cluster headaches (16:40), acute altitude illness (20:00), and COVID-19 research briefs (24:40).

April 15, 2020 issue of AFP

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Time Stamp
Topic: Outpatient burn careTime Stamp: 5:40
Topic: Pain relief after fracturesTime Stamp: 10:00
Topic: Asymptomatic bacteriuriaTime Stamp: 12:00
Topic: Chronic diarrheaTime Stamp: 13:40
Topic: Galcanezumab for migraine and cluster headachesTime Stamp: 16:40
Topic: Acute altitude illnessTime Stamp: 20:00
Topic: COVID-19 research briefsTime Stamp: 24:40