AFP Podcast: Episode 15 - June 1, 2016

This episode includes discussions on diet and physical activity for cardiovascular disease prevention, screening for ovarian cancer, antiepileptic drugs, allergic conjunctivitis, genital herpes, corticosteroids for pneumonia, and a new feature, "Where I Listen to the AFP Podcast".

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Topic: Diet and physical activity for cardiovascular disease prevention
Time Stamp: 1:00
Topic: Screening for ovarian cancerTime Stamp: 5:00
Topic: Antiepileptic drugs
Time Stamp: 8:30
Topic: Allergic conjunctivitis
Time Stamp: 10:10
Topic: Genital herpes
Time Stamp: 12:00
Topic: Corticosteroids for pneumonia
Time Stamp: 14:20
Topic: New Feature: "Where I Listen to the AFP Podcast"
Time Stamp: 16:00


Where I Listen to the AFP Podcast

"Every month I pack my rubber tote with non-perishable food, some kenalog, a few vaccines in a mini-cooler, and some spare tubes for blood draws. I don my rubber boots, rain coat and layered warm clothes, and make my way to the tiny airport for my village trip on Kodiak Island. In my pocket is my phone, with the AFP Podcast already downloaded. As we head down the runway in a 2-, 4- or sometimes even an 8-seater plane, filled up with mail, sometimes a few passengers, and once two baby turkeys in a cardboard box on my lap, I put on my noise-canceling earphones and start up my AFP podcast. It's the perfect accompaniment to my "flight seeing" commute to the village, where I'll provide care for two days to patients whose families have lived in these villages in Alaska for thousands of years. Sometimes I travel to the closer village of Port Lions--one podcast episode worth; other times, I fly to Karluk or Akhiok--2 podcast episodes, plus one POEM of the week travel time. I learn, I laugh and my podcasts don't get stacked up (like my journals have a tendency to do!). Keep it up!"

Heidi Baines, MD, Medical Director, Kodiak Area Native Association


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