AFP Podcast: Episode 17 - July 1, 2016

This episode includes discussions on vertebral fractures, topical NSAIDs, honey for cough, intermittent steroid use in asthma, strep throat, blood pressure control, and our favorite Tweets.

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Time Stamp
Topic: Vertebral fracturesTime Stamp: 1:00
Topic: Topical NSAIDsTime Stamp: 5:00
Topic: Honey for coughTime Stamp: 6:40
Topic: Intermittent steroid use in asthmaTime Stamp: 8:40
Topic: Strep throat
Time Stamp: 10:30
Topic: Blood pressure controlTime Stamp: 15:10
Topic: Our favorite TweetsTime Stamp: 17:10

2016-2017 AFP Podcast Hosts
Back Row: Evan Werk, MD; Kalina Ehrenreich-Piot, DO; Jacob Anderson, DO; Steven R. Brown, MD
Front Row: Sarah Coles, MD (faculty); Tyler Coles (technician); Brett Daily, MD

2016-2017 AFP Podcast New Team Members
Evan Werk, MD; Brett Daily, MD; and Kalina Ehrenreich-Piot