AFP Podcast: Episode 19 - August 1, 2016

This episode includes discussions on peripheral neuropathy (1:40), acupuncture for headache (5:20), antibiotic prescribing (7:00), exercise for dementia (10:40), premenstrual disorder (12:40), and a special guest essay entitled ‘5000-to-1 Odds’ (17:00).

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Time Stamp
Topic: Peripheral neuropathyTime Stamp: 1:40
Topic: Acupuncture for headacheTime Stamp: 5:20
Topic: Antibiotic prescribingTime Stamp: 7:00
Topic: Exercise for dementiaTime Stamp: 10:40
Topic: Premenstrual disorder
Time Stamp: 12:40
Topic: Special guest essay "5,000-to-1 Odds"
Time Stamp: 17:00

Above: AFP Podcasters Evan Werk, MD and Kalina Ehrenreich-Piot, DO.

Below: AFP Podcaster Steven Brown, MD.