AFP Podcast: Episode 21 - September 1, 2016

This episode includes discussions on sleep apnea (1:10), post-exposure prophylaxis (5:30), complementary/integrative therapy (7:20), isotretinoin (12:40), perioperative beta blockers (15:30), sulfonylureas (17:40), and “Where I Listen to the AFP Podcast” (19:30).

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Time Stamp
Topic: Sleep apnea
Time Stamp: 1:10
Topic: Post-exposure prophylaxisTime Stamp: 5:30
Topic: Complementary/integrative therapy
Time Stamp: 7:20
Topic: Isotretinoin
Time Stamp: 12:40
Topic: Perioperative beta blockers
Time Stamp: 15:30
Topic: Sulfonylureas
Time Stamp: 17:40
Topic: "Where I Listen to the AFP Podcast"Time Stamp: 19:30