AFP Podcast: Episode 24 - October 15, 2016

This episode includes discussions on pretravel consultation (1:10), sacubitril/valsartan (Entresto) (5:40), intimate partner violence (9:00), flu shot recommendations (13:30), aspirin (14:40), mental status examinations (18:40), and our favorite Tweets (21:30).

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Time Stamp
Topic: Pretravel consultation
Time Stamp: 1:10
Topic: Sacubitril/valsartan (Entresto)
Time Stamp: 5:40
Topic: Intimiate partner violence
Time Stamp: 9:00
Topic: Flu shot recommendations
Time Stamp: 13:30
Topic: Aspirin
Time Stamp: 14:40
Topic: Mental status examinations
Time Stamp: 18:40
Topic: Our favorite TweetsTime Stamp: 21:30