AFP Podcast: Episode 34 - March 15, 2017

This episode includes discussions on end-of-life care (1:10), latent tuberculosis (5:50), preterm labor (7:30), antipsychotics in delirium (12:50), multiple myeloma (14:50), and an interview with Ranit Mishori, MD, discussing her unique career path, advocacy, community engagement, and social determinants of health (18:20).

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Time Stamp
Topic: End-of-life care
Time Stamp: 1:10
Topic: Latent tuberculosis
Time Stamp: 5:50
Topic: Preterm labor
Time Stamp: 7:30
Topic: Antipsychotics in delirium
Time Stamp: 12:50
Topic: Multiple myeloma
Time Stamp: 14:50
Topic: Interview with Ranit Mishori, MD
Time Stamp: 18:20