AFP Podcast: Episode 38 - May 15, 2017

This episode includes discussion on laceration repair (1:30), chronic insomnia (3:20), migraine prophylaxis in children (5:30), the European risk score for cardiovascular disease (6:30), perioperative cardiovascular medication management (8:10), venous leg ulcers (12:20), and colon cancer screening (15:00).

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Time Stamp
Topic: Laceration repair
Time Stamp: 1:30
Topic: Chronic insomnia
Time Stamp: 3:20
Topic: Migraine prophylaxis in children
Time Stamp: 5:30
Topic: European risk score for cardiovascular disease
Time Stamp: 6:30
Topic: Perioperative cardiovascular medication managementTime Stamp: 8:10
Topic: Venous leg ulcersTime Stamp: 12:20
Topic: Colon cancer screeningTime Stamp: 15:00