AFP Podcast: Episode 39 - June 1, 2017

This episode includes discussion on newborn screening (1:10), diagnostic tools for celiac disease (6:40), social determinants of health (11:20), urticaria (14:10), and acne (19:40). 

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Time Stamp
Topic: Newborn screening
Time Stamp: 1:10
Topic: Diagnostic tools for celiac diseaseTime Stamp: 6:40
Topic: Social determinants of healthTime Stamp: 11:20
Topic: Urticaria
Time Stamp: 14:10
Topic: AcneTime Stamp: 19:40
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On a mission: (from left to right) Kalina Ehrenreich-Piot, DO, Evan Werk, MD, Brett Daily, MD, Steve Brown, MD, and Tyler Coles.