AFP Podcast: Episode 40 - June 15, 2017

This episode includes discussion on Alzheimer disease (1:10), nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (7:30), bariatric surgery (10:30), slipped capital femoral epiphysis (14:00), idarucizumab (17:40), and sudden infant death syndrome (21:10).

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Time Stamp
Topic: Alzheimer disease Time Stamp: 1:10
Topic: Nonalcoholic fatty liver diseaseTime Stamp: 7:30
Topic: Bariatric surgeryTime Stamp: 10:30
Topic: Slipped capital femoral epiphysisTime Stamp: 14:00
Topic: IdarucizumabTime Stamp: 17:40
Topic: Sudden infant death syndrome Time Stamp: 21:10

Season two hosts say farewell and drop the mic: (left to right) Kalina Ehrenreich-Piot, DO, Evan Werk, MD, Brett Daily, MD.