AFP Podcast: Episode 46 - September 15, 2017

This episode includes discussion on hair loss (1:10), the opioid epidemic (3:20), vitamin B12 deficiency (6:10), antibiotics for cellulitis (10:00), steroids for hives (11:10), steroids for osteoarthritis (12:20), and lifestyle change in diabetes (14:50).

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Time Stamp
Topic: Hair lossTime Stamp: 1:10
Topic: The opioid epidemic
Time Stamp: 3:20
Topic: Vitamin B12 deficiency
Time Stamp: 6:10
Topic: Antibiotics for cellutlitis
Time Stamp: 10:00
Topic: Steroids for hives
Time Stamp: 11:10
Topic: Steroids for osteoarthritisTime Stamp: 12:20
Topic: Lifestyle changes in diabetesTime Stamp: 14:50