AFP Podcast: Episode 51 - December 1, 2017

This episode includes discussion on elevated liver transaminase levels (1:10), topical capsaicin for treatment of chronic neuropathic pain (6:30), hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state (9:00), local anaesthesia for IUD insertion (13:50), USPSTF recommendation updates (15:30), and "Where I Listen" (17:20).

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Time Stamp
Topic: Elevated liver transaminase levelsTime Stamp: 1:10
Topic: Topical capsaicin for treatment of chronic neuropathic painTime Stamp: 6:30
Topic: Hyperosmolar hyperglycemic stateTime Stamp: 9:00
Topic: Local anaesthesia for IUD insertionTime Stamp: 13:50
Topic: USPSTF recommendation updatesTime Stamp: 15:30
Topic: "Where I Listen"Time Stamp: 17:20