AFP Podcast: Episode 65 - July 1, 2018

This episode includes discussions on statin use for LDL over 190 (2:10), allergy testing (4:30), procalcitonin to guide antibiotic therapy (10:30), medical decision-making capacity (13:00), bronchiolitis (16:30), antibiotic course duration (21:40), and the doorknob phenomenon (24:00). Please nominate the AFP Podcast for a Podcast Award in the Science and Medicine category by visiting before July 31st! For detailed instruction on how to submit your nomination, click here(1 page DOCX).

July 1, 2018 issue of AFP

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Time Stamp
Topic: Statin use for LDL over 190Time Stamp: 2:10
Topic: Procalcitonin to guide antibiotic therapyTime Stamp: 10:30
Topic: Medical decision-making capacityTime Stamp: 13:00
Topic: The doorknob phenomenonTime Stamp: 24:00