AFP Podcast: Episode 66 - July 15, 2018

This episode includes discussions on hepatitis B (2:40), stimulant and designer drugs (5:00), low back pain (8:40), marijuana counseling (11:35), delivering bad or life-altering news (14:00), behavior counseling for skin cancer (18:30), and a special guest piece: “A Cautionary Tale for Quinquagenarians” (20:30).

July 15, 2018 issue of AFP

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Time Stamp
Topic: Hepatitis BTime Stamp: 2:40
Topic: Stimulant and designer drugsTime Stamp: 5:00
Topic: Low back painTime Stamp: 8:40
Topic: Marijuana counselingTime Stamp: 11:35
Topic: Delivering bad or life-altering newsTime Stamp: 14:00
Topic: Behavior counseling for skin cancerTime Stamp: 18:30
Topic: Special guest piece: "A Cautionary Tale for Quinquagenarians"Time Stamp: 20:30
[AFP Podcast Season 4 Team]

Welcome Season 4 Podcast Team! The 2018-2019 podcast team is (back row, left to right) Jake Anderson, DO, Joe Seelbaugh, MD, Steve Brown, MD; (middle row) Sarah Coles, MD, Tyler Coles (technical guru); (front row) Shawn Abreu, MD, Jenna Buchanan, MD, and Kim Koike, MD.