AFP Podcast: Episode 76 - December 15, 2018

This episode includes discussions on counseling in primary care (1:30), slow uptake of evidence-based medicine (6:10), school absenteeism (9:30), screening for peripheral artery disease (12:10), adult well-male examination (15:20), and evaluating anticoagulation (21:40).

December 15, 2018 issue of AFP

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Time Stamp
Topic: Counseling in primary careTime Stamp: 1:30
Topic: Slow uptake of evidence-based medicineTime Stamp: 6:10
Topic: School absenteeismTime Stamp: 9:30
Topic: Screening for peripheral artery diseaseTime Stamp: 12:10
Topic: Adult well-male examinationTime Stamp: 15:20
Topic: Evaluating anticoagulationTime Stamp: 21:40