AFP Podcast: Episode 81 - March 1, 2019

This episode includes discussions on hepatitis B (1:30), advance care planning (8:00), smectite for acute infectious diarrhea (12:00), uterine fibroids (14:00), gas, bloating, and belching (16:30), and AFP Clinical Answers lightning round (23:20).

March 1, 2019 issue of AFP

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Time Stamp
Topic: Hepatitis BTime Stamp: 1:30
Topic: Advance care planningTime Stamp: 8:00
Topic: Smectitie for acute infectious diarrheaTime Stamp: 12:00
Topic: Uterine fibroidsTime Stamp: 14:00
Topic: Gas, bloating, and belchingTime Stamp: 16:30
Topic: AFP Clinical Answers lightning roundTime Stamp: 23:20