AFP Podcast: Episode 82 - March 15, 2019

This episode includes discussions on coaching patients about successful blood pressure management (1:30), anticonvulsants for low back pain (4:10), Everybody Needs a Family Doctor (5:10), lower extremity peripheral arterial disease (9:10), Right Care for children (13:50), recurrent urinary tract infections (16:20), primary care of breast cancer survivors (17:30).

March 15, 2019 issue of AFP

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Time Stamp
Topic: Coaching patients about successful blood pressure managementTime Stamp: 1:30
Topic: Anitconvulsants for low back painTime Stamp: 4:10
Topic: Everybody Needs a Family DoctorTime Stamp: 5:10
Topic: Lower extremity peripheral arterial diseaseTime Stamp: 9:10
Topic: Right care for childrenTime Stamp: 13:50
Topic: Recurrent urinary tract infectionsTime Stamp: 16:20
Topic: Primary care of breast cancer survivorsTime Stamp: 17:30