AFP Podcast: Bonus Episode 10 - June 3, 2019

This bonus episode is "The Musical Episode!" and includes an interview with Bill Dabbs, MD, family physician, musical creator for the AFP Podcast and core faculty member at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville Family Medicine Residency. Topics include: teaching family medicine, creating music, our first tries at the theme song, the triple aim, and Dr. Zoster and Pox.

Songs: The Physical Exam Song (00:30), On a Mission (original version) (02:20), Prevention Priorities (06:10), Get Your Flu Shot (07:30), Name That Drug (11:00), Medical Mnemonics (12:40), Shuffling Papers (14:10), Primary Care Dreams (15:30), Brazilian Song (18:20), Everybody Needs a Family Doctor (20:40), On a Mission (new version) (26:00).

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