Permission Requests


AAFP publications and other material are copyrighted by the AAFP and all rights are reserved. The AAFP disclaims any liability to any party for the accuracy, completeness, or availability of any AAFP publication or other material or for any damages arising out of the use or non-use of any AAFP publication.

The AAFP may grant permission to use or reprint copyrighted material. There may also be a fee associated with this permission.

Academic Use

The American Academy of Family Physicians has partnered with the Copyright Clearance Center to provide a web-based permission service. If you would like to reuse material from American Family Physician and FPM for nonprofit educational classroom use, follow the custom link to obtain permission to reuse copyrighted materials. 


If you would like to reproduce, republish or adapt material from American Family Physician and FPM in another publication (republish in a journal / book / textbook / newsletter/etc.), please e-mail AAFP copyrights.

Please note if you are a health care system, HMO, advertising agency or pharmaceutical company, please contact Dan Woodall for permission rates by e-mailing Please also note that full article reprints may be required.
Contact Marcus Glover via e-mail for a price quote for additional information about bulk reprints and ePrints.

Information Required on All Permission Requests

You must include the following information in all requests.

About the material you would like to use:

  • Title of article/piece you want to use
  • Name of author of material
  • Name of publication
  • Identify content you want to use (e.g., the entire article, only a table/figure, or an illustration); provide a sample if possible

About your proposed use:

  • Title of your publication, program, or product
  • Name of publisher or sponsor
  • Type/format of publication in which the AAFP content will appear (e.g., newsletter, book, periodical, CD-ROM, or website)
  • Estimated number of copies to be printed or produced
  • Whether the copies will be sold or free

Additional information to include:

  • Detailed contact information for requestor that includes name, address, phone number, and email address of contact

Please note: Responses to permission requests usually take 14 to 21 business days from the time a request is received. Response times may be longer during periods of high volume. Incomplete requests will be returned and will not be processed. All rushed requests warrant a $50 rush fee to be submitted with the initial permission request. Responses to rush requests will be within seven (7) business days from the day of receipt.

Fees and Payments

A permission fee is charged when material is to be used in another form of a publication (e.g., newsletter, textbook, manual, or journal/magazine). The fee depends on the amount of content being reprinted. Payment should be made in U.S. currency and must be received before permission is granted.