2019 AFP Peer Reviewers

Acknowledging and Thanking AFP's Peer Reviewers for 2019

Sumi M. Sexton, MD, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, District of Columbia

Peer review continues to be an essential and valuable process for the journal, and we are very appreciative of the work reviewers do in helping us develop sound content for AFP. In addition to recognizing peer reviewers for volunteering their time, we are also highlighting reviewers who provided exceptional feedback and received a high rating on the reviews they provided to AFP authors and editors (listed in bold). An archive of past AFP peer reviewers is available at https://www.aafp.org/journals/afp/reviewers/lists.html. The number of bolded reviewers for 2019 is already higher than 2018. My hope is to continually improve our processes, enrich the skills of our current and future reviewers, and highlight more exceptional reviewers year after year.

If you are interested in reviewing for AFP, please visit the Reviewers' Guide (https://www.aafp.org/journals/afp/reviewers/guide.html) and complete a reviewer profile, or email us at afpjournal@aafp.org. For new reviewers, we highly recommend that you find a mentor for your first review.

Editor's note: Dr. Sexton is Editor-in-Chief of AFP.

Aneesa Afroze, MD
Anubhav Agarwal, MD
Faraz Ahmad MD, MPH
Kurt Angstman MD, MS
John Anthony, MD
Samrana Arefeen, MD
James Arnold, DO
Richel Avery, MD
Joseph Aziz, MbChB
James Bailey, MD
I. Cori Baill, MD*
David Bamberger, MD

Courtney Barnes, MPH, MD
Tyler Barreto, MD
Nathan Bass, MD, PhD*

Eric Beaver, MD
Amanda Bell, MD
Catherine Bettcher, MD
Subhash Bhatia, MD, MB, BS
Laura Blinkhorn, MD
Kristin Bond, MD
Paul Bornemann, MD
Danielle Brandman, MD
Glenn Braunstein, MD
Robert Brodell, MD
William Burke, MD
Rachel Carter, MD
Dimitri Cassimatis, MD*
Kristy Charles, MD*
Andy Chern, MD, MPH
Sean Christensen, MD, PhD
Gary Clark, MD, MPH
Paul Crawford, MD
James Cummings, MD
William Dalrymple, MD
Amanda Davis, MD
Karlotta Davis, MD
Ian de Boer, MD, MS
Walter Dehority, MD, MSc
Kristi DeSapri, MD*

Daniel DiCola, MD
Mark Dixon, PhD
Joanna Drowos, DO, MPH, MBA
Douglas Dudewicz, MD

Scott Duncan, MD
Jaclyn Duvall, MD
Robert Egerman, MD
Timothy Elgin, DO
Robert Ellis, MD
John Ely, MD
Kehinde Eniola, MD, MPH
Ted Epperly, MD
Deborah Erlich, MD*
Irina Erlikh, MD
Nathan Falk, MD
Matthew Fargo, MD, MPH
Henry Feder, Jr., MD
Thomas Fekete, MD
Jamie Feldman, MD, PhD
Steven Feldman, MD, PhD
Stephanie Fenwick, PharmD

Heather Finlay-Morreale, MD
Jonathon Firnhaber, MD*
Brian Ford, MD
Daniel Frasca, DO
Bishara Freij, MD*
Christian Fuchs, MD

John Galgiani ,MD
Jinal Gangar, MD,MPH
Kathryn Garner, MD*
Barry Gentry, MD
Peter Gerbino, MD*
R. Clark Gillett, Jr., MD

Deborah Glassman, MD
Stephen Gluckman, MD
Matthew Goldman, MD
Ronald Goldschmidt, MD
William Graf, MD
Ignazio Grattagliano, MD*
David Greenhalgh, MD
Susan Gromacki, OD, MS
John Handelsman, MD
Alastair Hay, MD, MBChb
R. Ann Hays, MD
Joel Heidelbaugh, MD
Stephen Helms, MD*
Joel Herness, MD

Sabrina Hofmeister, DO
Gretchen Homan, MD
Jocelyn Hu, MD
Grace Huffman, MD
Alison Huffstetler, MD

Patrick Jenkins, MD
Jeremy Johnson, MD, MPH*
David Kassop, MD
Priya Kathpalia, MD*
Michael Kavan, PhD
Alexander Kaysin, MD, MPH

John Keenan, MD
Robert Kelly, MD, MS
Muneeza Khan, MD
Jonathan Kline, PharmD
Peter Kouides, MD

Anand Kumthekar, MD
Angela Kuznia, MD
Ronald Labuguen, MD

Charlene Lam, MD, MPH
Bobby Lanier, MD
Kelly Latimer, MD, MPH
Mary Leppert, MB
Jordyn Lerner, MD
Jaime Lewis, MD
James T. Li, MD, PhD
Gerald Liu, MD
Elizabeth Livingston, MD
Emillia Lloyd, MD
Amy Locke, MD
Mahmoud Loghman-Adham, MD

Ryan Loyd, MD
Sean Lucan, MD, MPH
Adam Lyons, MD
John Maa, MD
Paula Mackrides, DO*

Vishal Mandge MD, MPH
Raymond Martin, MD
Diego Maselli, MD
Kara Mayes, MD
Todd McDiarmid, MD
Anna Moreno, DO*
Fernando Moreno, MD*

Laura Morgan, PharmD
Timothy Mott, MD
Eddie Needham, MD
Brad Neville, DDS

Bernard Noveloso, MD*
Robert Oh, MD, MPH
Percival Pangilinan, MD*
Diane Pappas, MD
Bumsoo Park, MD
Chinmay Patel, MD
Dale Patterson, MD
Mellisa Pensa, MD, MPH
Jay Peters, MD
James Phalen, MD

Douglas Phelan, DO
Heather Pickett, DO

Donald Pompan, MD*
Amy Price Neff, MD
William Primack, MD
Kevin Proud, MD
Natasha Pyzocha, DO
Jeffrey Quinlan, MD
Anita Rajasekhar, MD
David Randall, MD*
Andrea Rapkin, MD
Arthur Rawlings,MD
Brian Reamy, MD
David Rebedew, MD
Karl Rew, MD

Sheryl Rimrodt, MD
Joyce Robert, MD
Carlos Rodriguez, MD
Raquel Rodriguez Martinez, MD
Frank Romanelli PharmD, MPH
Kristian Sanchack, MD
Samuel Sandowski, MD
Sarina Schrager, MD, MS

Russell Searight, PhD, MPH
Jarrett Sell, MD
Trushil Shah, MD, MSc
Jay Shubrook, DO
Eric Siegal, MD
Hugh Silk, MD, MPH

Debra Simmons, MD, MS
Paul Simmons, MD
David Simon, MD, FACS
Katherine Snyder, MD
Matthew Snyder, DO

Samuel Solish, MD
Jeremy Sperling, MD
Natasha Sriraman, MD, MPH
Yazhini Srivathsal, MD, MBA
Phillip Strawbridge, MD
Grant Studebaker, MD
Sarah Stumbar, MD, MPH*
Donna Sweet, MD
Jillian Sylvester, MD*
Nauman Tariq, MBBS
Paul Tatum, MD, MSPH
Jay Thakkar, MD

Micah Thorp, DO, MPH
Nathan Tofteland, MD
Thomas Trojian, MD
Sarah Verbiest, DrPH, MPH, MSW
Richard Waguespack ,MD
Steven Wahls, MD
Christopher Warner, MD
Stephen Warnick, Jr., MD
Terri Warren, RN, ANP
Amy Wasserman, MD
Michael Weaver, MD
John Wilkinson, MD
Joshua Willey, MD, MS
Pamela Williams, MD

Tracy Williams, MD
George Wilson, MD
David Winchester, MD
Bradford Winslow, MD
Jennifer Wipperman, MD, MPH*
Jason Womack, MD
Kelly Wood, MD
Noah Wouk, MD
Hanna Xu, MD
Johnnie Yates, MD
Nicole Yedlinsky ,MD*
Benjamin Zaniello, MD
Timothy Zeller, MD
Bill Zepf, MD*

* Person completed more than one review in 2019.

Names listed in bold indicate reviewers who provided exceptional feedback and received a high rating on the reviews they provided.