Peer Review

Manuscripts submitted to FPM for publication undergo a blinded peer review. This review is completed by a panel made up of at least one FPM Editorial Advisory Board member and at least three other experts in that content area. Quality peer reviews help us to select articles that our readers value and to maximize the usefulness of each article we publish.

Thank You to the FPM Peer Reviewers

To see a list of our active peer reviewers, visit FPM Peer Reviewers.

Obtain CME for peer review

Review of manuscripts for journals listed in Medline, including FPM, may be claimed for CME credit. The AAFP allows AAFP members to self-report CME credits for each manuscript review they provide, with a maximum of 100 credits earned per three-year reelection cycle. Credit should be claimed commensurate with the length of time it takes to review. To report the credit, go to Report My CME. From there, select Scholarly Activity under Individual Activities. Alternatively, you many choose Report by Mail to download a Reporting Form.

Become a reviewer

If you would like to become a peer reviewer for FPM please fill out the FPM Peer Reviewer Survey(2 page DOCX) and return it to If you have an up-to-date CV please send it at the same time. Having this information improves our ability to send you manuscripts on topics that your experience and practice type have best prepared you to review. The FPM Executive Editor will review your information and let you know within two weeks whether you’ll be added to our panel of reviewers.

For each article they are asked to evaluate, reviewers are asked to consider whether they have any relevant conflicts of interest. Those with conflicts of interest are instructed to not complete the review.