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Thursday Feb 06, 2020

Medicare webinar on glucose supplies scheduled for Feb. 11

Family physicians commonly order glucose supplies for their diabetic Medicare patients. Family physicians are just as commonly frustrated by burdensome Medicare requirements for prescribing them. Now Medicare is offering physicians an opportunity to learn what they need to know to ensure patients receive the supplies they need.  

On Feb. 11, 2020, the Medicare Administrative Contractors for durable medical equipment are participating in a glucose supplies webinar. The webinar will include guidelines for coverage along with the information patients and suppliers need from physicians. There are specific documentation requirements for physicians to know and specific criteria for sharing patient information with the suppliers.

Registration for the webinar(register.gotowebinar.com) is available online, along with additional information on what Medicare expects when ordering diabetes supplies.

—  Kent Moore, Senior Strategist for Physician Payment at the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Posted at 01:30PM Feb 06, 2020 by Kent Moore

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