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Friday Dec 11, 2015

Specialty-specific ICD-10 coding resources available

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released a new ICD-10 guide, Resources for Specialties and Selected Health Conditions and Services,(www.cms.gov) aimed at helping physicians and coders properly code common health conditions through ICD-10.

The guide deals with almost two dozen conditions, services, and specialties, including a section devoted to family medicine(www.cms.gov). Other sections discuss ICD-10 coding for abdominal pain, asthma, cardiology, diabetes, obesity, lab services, and even specific conditions like strep throat and being struck by a vehicle.

The guide is part of CMS’s Roadto10.org(www.roadto10.org) ICD-10 educational initiative and has direct links to its clinical concept guides(www.roadto10.org), interactive case studies(www.roadto10.org), medical case studies(www.roadto10.org), and webcasts(www.roadto10.org).

Family Practice Management has its own set of ICD-10 coding resources in the FPM Toolbox.

Posted at 10:25AM Dec 11, 2015 by David Twiddy

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