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Monday Dec 04, 2017

Are you getting paid for non-face-to-face prolonged care?

One of the most frequent complaints I hear from physicians is about the work done before and after an office visit, whether done the same day or another day. They say it is frustrating to spend so much time on those activities and receive no payment.

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Posted at 04:30PM Dec 04, 2017 by Betsy Nicoletti | Comments [0]

Friday Nov 10, 2017

Medicare payment news for 2018: the key takeaways

As 2017 draws to a close, the Medicare program is notifying physicians how they will be evaluated and paid for treating patients in 2018. In case you’re not an avid reader of the Federal Register (and most people aren’t), let’s go over some details.

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Friday Nov 03, 2017

New resource for those with questions about new Medicare card

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services continues to prepare for next year’s release of a new Medicare identification card for beneficiaries. Part of that preparation includes appointing an official charged with working with physicians and other health care professionals on any questions or concerns they have with the change.

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Monday Oct 30, 2017

CMS extends preview period for Physician Compare

Technical problems have forced the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to extend the deadline for physicians wanting to review the information about them and their practices that the agency plans to be release publicly through the Physician Compare website.

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Wednesday Oct 18, 2017

Use 30-day window to review what Physician Compare says about you

Beginning, Oct. 18, CMS is giving physicians 30 days to preview the information about them on Physician Compare before publicly releasing it online.

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Friday Oct 13, 2017

In a small group? Combine with others now to participate in MIPS

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services says physicians in solo or small group practices have until Dec. 1 to formally notify Medicare that they are participating in a virtual group. These groups make it easier for small practices to participate fully in MIPS.

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Posted at 12:30PM Oct 13, 2017 by Kent Moore | Comments [0]

Monday Oct 02, 2017

Medicare payments for lab tests to change in 2018

Does your office perform lab tests for Medicare beneficiaries? The amount of Medicare reimbursement your office receives for those tests is likely changing, and not positively.

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Friday Sep 29, 2017

Oct. 2 represents key 2017 MIPS deadline for some physicians

If you or your practice plans to participate fully or partially in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System in 2017, and you plan to report 90 consecutive days of data for the year, then Monday, Oct. 2, is the last day you can begin.

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Wednesday Sep 20, 2017

What’s your Medicare quality report score? Find out here.

Individual physicians and groups can now access the latest results of their annual Physician Feedback report and Quality and Resource Use Report. They provide information on the 2016 Physician Quality Reporting System and the 2016 Value-based Payment Modifier as well as if the physician or group will receive a 2018 payment adjustment under either program.

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Monday Sep 18, 2017

New details as we get closer to CMS replacing current Medicare cards

As I announced in June, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services plans to issue new Medicare identification cards that no longer carry Social Security numbers as a way to prevent fraud and fight identity theft. Last week, CMS unveiled the new cards.

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Posted at 02:45PM Sep 18, 2017 by Kent Moore | Comments [0]

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