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Friday Jun 07, 2019

Work after clinic: seven ideas for regaining control over your time

Although changes are needed to address the underlying problem of administrative complexity in health care, individual physicians can take practical steps to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of time they spend working after hours.

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Thursday Jun 06, 2019

How to establish yourself as a physician leader

Because of their medical authority, every physician is a leader in their organization to some extent. Those who expand their leadership potential tend to have four characteristics.

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Friday May 03, 2019

One way to increase physician autonomy and job satisfaction

Physician autonomy is crucial to fostering job satisfaction and a culture of continuous quality improvement and creative problem solving. Unfortunately, physician autonomy is shrinking in many health care organizations. Here's one solution.

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Thursday Apr 25, 2019

Eight things to do before you quit your job

High demand and job dissatisfaction may have family physicians considering leaving their practice for a new one. These eight steps could make the transition easier.

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Friday Apr 05, 2019

Five mobile apps to improve your personal and professional productivity

productivity apps

Physicians have lots on their plate and limited time. These top-rated mobile apps will help you make the most of it.

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Thursday Mar 28, 2019

Why being humble can make you a better leader

Physician leaders do not necessarily need big, self-confident personalities to attract and inspire their teams. Here are some reasons why some humility can go a long way.

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Friday Feb 08, 2019

High-maintenance patients: protecting yourself and your practice


Every physician has a patient or two (or more) who make frequent and unreasonable demands for treatment, tests, or referrals, treat staff poorly, and drain the physician’s time and energy. Rather than allow these patients’ bad behavior to affect yours, follow this simple advice.

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Thursday Jan 24, 2019

How to determine what's really urgent

Three questions to help you determine if a task truly needs your immediate attention and response or can be delayed or even delegated elsewhere.

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Wednesday Jan 16, 2019

Six tips for a better CV

Whether you are looking for your first job out of residency or making a career change, getting your curriculum vitae noticed by potential employers is your goal.

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Friday Dec 14, 2018

Five ways to avoid problems with patient satisfaction scores

Patient satisfaction scores are being used to grade physician performance and even dictate salary. Here are ways to make sure the scores are correctly generated and used.

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