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Saturday Dec 07, 2019

Nine measurements for evaluating the quality of your dementia care

A nationally recognized, evidence-based, group of metrics physicians can use to evaluate their current level of dementia care and improve upon it.

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Monday Dec 02, 2019

Five reasons you can’t get things done in your organization

Author Peter Senge offers several “laws” that govern organizational behavior. Five of them are particularly apropos to physicians who are trying to build something new within their organizations but facing resistance.

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Thursday Nov 14, 2019

Five ways to orbit the "hairball" of red tape and regulations

Within your organizational boundaries, try to find new, invigorating, and satisfying ways to practice medicine.

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Wednesday Oct 30, 2019

Three practical skills that can help you be a better doctor

Good doctors have not only excellent clinical skills but also practical skills they likely learned outside of medical school.

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Friday Oct 18, 2019

The first thing to do before you see your next patient

Here's how to take a minute to calm your mind during a hectic day and refocus before you move on to your next patient.

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Friday Sep 27, 2019

When being right makes things go wrong

It's important to be right, but sometimes it's more important to be effective. Recognizing which battles to fight and which are counterproductive is the first step to implementing this leadership strategy.

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Thursday Sep 19, 2019

The skill that differentiates good doctors and great doctors

Being a great doctor may have more to do with biography than biology. Here’s how to cultivate this critical skill.

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Monday Sep 16, 2019

The problem with the term physician “burnout”

To describe the current phenomenon and address it effectively, a new term is needed, one that puts the blame where it belongs and also acknowledges that the problem is responsive to multiple treatment strategies.

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Saturday Sep 14, 2019

Why a cover letter is important

A cover letter that quickly tells potential employers and recruiters who you are, what you can do for them, and why you are interested in their opportunity is as important as your CV.

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Wednesday Aug 21, 2019

Your next job: How to find the right work environment

Physicians investigating a new job will naturally be concerned about compensation. But you should also ask these five questions to see if the new workplace is right for you.

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