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Friday Jan 18, 2019

Four apps to help patients better manage anxiety and depression

As a primary care physician, you may not always be available when your patients have mental health needs. But their mobile phone likely is, and these three mobile apps can help patients better manage their symptoms associated with anxiety or depression.

7 Cups connects users with trained, volunteer, active listeners who can provide free and confidential emotional support.

• Android: http://bit.ly/2g0xDCv(bit.ly)

• iOS: http://apple.co/2GH4kPe(apple.co)

MoodTools and FearTools provide similar resources for patients needing immediate help with either depression (MoodTools) or anxiety (FearTools), including standardized screening questionnaires, guided meditations, and symptom diaries.

• Android: MoodTools: http://bit.ly/1i32IBH(bit.ly), FearTools: http://bit.ly/2F55QdM(bit.ly)

• iOS: MoodTools: https://apple.co/2E8WEqy(apple.co), FearTools: https://apple.co/2HgUbZW(apple.co)

What’s Up? provides free cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance commitment therapy resources to help patients reframe their thoughts and reduce cognitive distortions.

• Android: http://bit.ly/2Ei9Rxd(bit.ly)

• iOS: https://apple.co/2xbFAha(apple.co)

Read the full FPM article: “Five Mobile Apps to Help Patients With Anxiety and Depression.”

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