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Friday Mar 15, 2019

Three principles for improving patient satisfaction with service


Practices can focus on improving these three areas to boost patient satisfaction with the quality of their care.

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Thursday Mar 14, 2019

How to get sedentary patients to exercise

This Maryland-based practice created a special area trail guide to help patients get out of their house and get walking.

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Wednesday Mar 13, 2019

Five mobile apps to encourage mindfulness

Five mobile applications to help patients use mindfulness to treat depression, chronic pain, tobacco use disorder, and other problems.

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Friday Mar 01, 2019

Two ways to address difficult emotions in the exam room


When patients display negative emotions in the exam room, such as anger or frustration, asking them about their feelings can feel risky. Using these two strategies can help you better address patients’ difficult emotions and protect the healing process.

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Friday Feb 22, 2019

Two simple ways to improve patient satisfaction with visit length


How do you prevent the patient complaint “My doctor didn’t spend enough time with me,” especially if you can’t increase visit length? Research points to two techniques that can help patients feel more satisfied with the amount of time you spend with them.

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Friday Feb 15, 2019

A checklist for better dementia care plans


Physicians may not be able to control many facets of dementia care, but this checklist can help you tackle the cognitive, functional, and behavioral losses that most matter to patients and their families.

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Friday Feb 08, 2019

High-maintenance patients: protecting yourself and your practice


Every physician has a patient or two (or more) who make frequent and unreasonable demands for treatment, tests, or referrals, treat staff poorly, and drain the physician’s time and energy. Rather than allow these patients’ bad behavior to affect yours, follow this simple advice.

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Friday Feb 01, 2019

Communication checkup: How many of these skills do you practice?

Good communication is the bedrock of good care. In the busyness of day-to-day practice, don’t neglect these seven basic skills.

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Wednesday Jan 30, 2019

Teen privacy: four rules

When an adolescent patient requests confidential services, balancing the patient’s rights with the parent’s rights can be complicated. Keep these rules in mind.

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Friday Jan 25, 2019

Seven tips for encouraging your patients to exercise

These seven steps can help you develop personalized physical activity plans for your patients.

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