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Friday Jun 08, 2018

Five factors that affect patient satisfaction

Research shows that physicians can increase patient satisfaction rates by improving the way they interact with patients in five key areas.

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Sunday May 27, 2018

A creative solution for helping more patients get the mental health care they need

When referred for counseling by their physician, patients may avoid scheduling an appointment because of logistics, stigma, cost, etc. To remove these barriers, one primary care practice tried a new approach.

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Thursday May 17, 2018

Dealing with disruptive minor patients

Being direct with the patient and family so they understand the decision can help bring closure and discourage further bad behavior and retaliation on social media websites.

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Monday May 07, 2018

One simple question can uncover medication nonadherence

Finding instances of medication nonadherence means asking patients more than just if they took their medicine.

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Friday May 04, 2018

What does "24/7 access" to care really mean?

Providing chronic care management services comes with numerous requirements, including 24/7 access to care. But the definition of that access is confusing.

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Thursday May 03, 2018

Five mobile apps to help patients with anxiety and depression

Here are five mobile apps you can recommend to patients with anxiety and depression.

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Friday Apr 27, 2018

A checklist of quality measures to help you succeed in value-based payment

Because different payers require different quality measures, keeping track of them can be a serious challenge for physicians and their staff. This quality measure checklist can help.

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Thursday Apr 26, 2018

How to confront an impaired physician colleague

To confront an impaired physician, start with this one question.

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Wednesday Apr 25, 2018

Six documentation tasks your team could be doing

Team documentation has been shown to improve patient outcomes and physician satisfaction. Here are six documentation tasks you can delegate.

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Thursday Apr 19, 2018

Five steps to diffusing difficult emotions in the exam room

It’s tempting to ignore a patient’s negative emotions, such as rudeness, defensiveness, or anger, but doing so can hinder the healing process and complicate the doctor-patient relationship. Here are five ways to address difficult emotions.

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