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Friday May 17, 2019

Are your patients taking their medications? Seven questions to help you find out


Asking your patients directly if they are taking their prescribed medication may not give you an accurate answer. Use these more specific questions to get a better feel for their adherence.

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Thursday May 16, 2019

Three practical ways to assign risk levels to your patients

Determining who your sickest patients are ahead of time can help you more proactively manage them and make better use of limited resources. Here's how.

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Thursday May 02, 2019

Motivational interviewing: four steps to get started

Motivational interviewing is a brief counseling technique that can be effective at helping patients overcome reluctance and make behavioral changes, such as losing weight or quitting smoking. The “OARS” acronym highlights four essential aspects.

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Friday Apr 19, 2019

Four tools to help you identify patient medications that need to be deprescribed

If your patient is taking multiple medications, some of which may have become unnecessary or harmful, use these four tools to begin the process of deprescribing.

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Friday Apr 12, 2019

Four ways to better care for patients with a history of childhood trauma

trauma informed care

When caring for patients with a history of childhood trauma, some simple shifts in your communication habits can signal to patients that your practice is a safe space for them and help avoid re-traumatization.

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Wednesday Apr 03, 2019

What to say when antibiotics are unnecessary

This Oregon-based physician discusses how she handles discussions with patients who demand antibiotics when they are not necessary or useful.

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Friday Mar 22, 2019

How to attract more kid patients to your practice: four tips


Having young patients on your schedule can add some fun and variety to your workday. To grow this patient population, consider these four tips.

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Thursday Mar 21, 2019

Three things to consider before you start screening for social determinants of health

Social needs can complicate a patient’s health issues, but before you add another screening, answer these three questions.

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Friday Mar 15, 2019

Three principles for improving patient satisfaction with service


Practices can focus on improving these three areas to boost patient satisfaction with the quality of their care.

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Thursday Mar 14, 2019

How to get sedentary patients to exercise

This Maryland-based practice created a special area trail guide to help patients get out of their house and get walking.

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