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Friday Feb 08, 2019

High-maintenance patients: protecting yourself and your practice


Every physician has a patient or two (or more) who make frequent and unreasonable demands for treatment, tests, or referrals, treat staff poorly, and drain the physician’s time and energy. Rather than allow these patients’ bad behavior to affect yours, follow this simple advice.

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Thursday Feb 07, 2019

Three tips for better risk-adjustment coding

Your payment is increasingly tied to the severity of your patients’ conditions. These three guidelines will help you make sure you’re using the codes that best reflect their level of risk.

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Wednesday Jan 30, 2019

The No. 1 question about team documentation

To ease physicians’ administrative burdens, many practices are adopting team documentation, which involves increasing the MA-to-physician ratio and delegating more tasks to MAs. How do you convince your practice to try it?

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Thursday Jan 24, 2019

How to determine what's really urgent

Three questions to help you determine if a task truly needs your immediate attention and response or can be delayed or even delegated elsewhere.

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Wednesday Jan 23, 2019

A tool to smooth out your checkout process

A New Mexico family physician uses "checkout sheets" to highlight what needs to happen before a patient leaves the office.

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Thursday Jan 17, 2019

Tasks your nurse could be doing to boost practice productivity

How to expand the roles of your care team registered nurses to help the practice serve more patients and increase revenue.

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Thursday Jan 03, 2019

EHRs occupy 24 percent of doctors’ time, says survey

Family physicians spend 51 hours in practice each week, with 24 percent of that time spent interacting with the electronic health record (EHR). What can physicians do to make their EHR work less frustrating?

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Friday Dec 14, 2018

Five ways to avoid problems with patient satisfaction scores

Patient satisfaction scores are being used to grade physician performance and even dictate salary. Here are ways to make sure the scores are correctly generated and used.

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Thursday Dec 13, 2018

Coming soon: Medicare payment for virtual encounters

Among the new codes going into effect in 2019 are several that reimburse physicians for various types of virtual encounters.

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Tuesday Dec 11, 2018

Johnston Memorial Hospital wins 2018 FPM Award for Practice Improvement

The family medicine residency program and family physician-led hospitalist team at Johnston Memorial Hospital in Abingdon, Va., have won this year’s FPM Award for Practice Improvement.

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