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Thursday Aug 15, 2019

Tips for getting more patients to agree to chronic care management services

Patients eligible for chronic care management services have to agree to receive them before their physicians can get reimbursed. Physicians who have gone through the process share their best practices.

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Wednesday Aug 14, 2019

Provide employee criticism the right way

Providing employees with critical feedback can be difficult. One physician shares how he does it, and how to increase the likelihood that the worker listens.

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Thursday Aug 01, 2019

How to help sustain a quality improvement initiative


Quality improvement efforts require motivated staff. These three suggestions can help keep employees engaged.

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Friday Jul 26, 2019

Three things to remember when choosing a code without a diagnosis


Selecting the appropriate ICD-10 code depends on having a diagnosis. If you don't have a confirmed diagnosis, follow this advice to record your patient's signs and symptoms.

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Wednesday Jul 24, 2019

How to remind patients they're due for preventive care


Patients can forget to schedule preventive care visits. Sending out reminders is a good approach, but you have to be careful not to get too much of a good thing.

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Friday Jul 19, 2019

Five ways to add some warmth and personality to your exam rooms


Exam rooms don’t have to feel cold and boring. Here are five ideas for adding some personal touches that will make the space more inviting to patients and more comfortable for you and your staff.

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Friday Jul 12, 2019

Three big benefits of small talk


Making time for a few seconds of friendly conversation at the beginning and end of each patient visit may be more productive than you’d think. Here are three benefits of making small talk with your patients.

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Thursday Jul 11, 2019

How to cultivate a warm handoff for patient referrals

Both you and your patients can benefit when referrals are characterized by a warm handoff. Focus on these three key elements.

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Thursday Jun 27, 2019

Thirteen ways to reduce the burden of prior authorizations

If you've spent any time on the phone with an insurer seeking approval for certain medications or procedures, you likely wished for an easier way. Here are a number of possible avenues to shorten the process.

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Thursday Jun 20, 2019

Think 99214 if you see these problems or procedures

The risk component of medical decision making is more subjective and can be difficult to identify, so here’s what to look for.

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